This app creates love challenges over a 5 week period to grow your relationship. To accomplish the task of keeping the spark alive in a relationship is challenging. While it becomes more difficult as they stay longer together, the time they’ve spent may also help them learn the goals, priorities, and the manner to treat one another. However, spending years in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that they grow apart, as staying married or in love is an effort couples consciously make to stay together. You can develop and maintain a loving and healthy relationship with your spouse in many ways; reading devotionals together is one of them. The Love Dare Day by Day invites you to take a journey into God’s design for relationships.

Nelson draws on the Song of Solomon’s imagery to convey principles about dating and courtship. He also discusses the signs of healthy and unhealthy romantic relationships and lists several things that need to occur as a couple moves toward marriage. Wright offers a series of questions related to spirituality, finances, families of origin, past relationships, and habits. Learn about your potential spouse before you decide to get engaged.

You will be encouraged and challenged through this book. I found this especially helpful because I have been saved for over 20 years and my husband has only been saved less than a year. Either your softhearted and your heart will be moved and you’ll share this movie with everyone and speak of it to everyong you know. Or your stubborn and you’ll see firsthand that there is hope for everyone.

This book offers 52 weeks of reflective prompts and prayers designed specifically for couples. First15 is a one year, 365 day, daily devotional created to help you meet with your heavenly Father. Through worship, a devotional thought, and guided prayer, you can experience God’s loving presence every morning. Please keep in mind that I have not personally used all of these apps.

Best Christian Devotions for Couples

When my husband and I decided to approach reading the Bible through together, we decided on a time and opted to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Each night before we went to bed, we read a chapter, reading each verse alternatively. All you really need is a desire to spend time in the word of God, choose a book of the Bible or read chronologically, decide on a time and place and make it a regular habit. The closer you get to God, the closer you grow to each other.

The one-year Devotions for Couples is meant to boost the intimacy of couples and improve how they relate with each other. In only 30 minutes a week, it emboldens Couples to build a more powerful relationship with each other and God. Whether engaged or married, this powerful Devotional helps you to understand and identify the language of your loved one. If you have ever felt like you don’t speak the same language as your spouse or the communication is poor, then this Devotional is highly recommended for you.

There aren’t really questions at the end; it’s more for discussion, and to make you think, and also think of things to pray on. It’s a very sweet, well written devotional, that is not over whelming, but gently nudges you closer to your spouse. While doing the devotionals, my husband and I have learned many new things about each other and continue to work on the areas we need to change.

While devotionals for couples help induce affection and assurance in a relationship, you might not need one if you read the Bible together as a couple. You can do this thrice a week, weekly, or nightly, depending upon the schedules of both. Set aside quiet quality time as per the schedule decided, and read a Bible chapter along with your partner. You can―and you will―improve your marriage and grow spiritually as a couple.

Newlywed Couple’s Devotional: 52 Weeks of Everyday Scripture, Reflections, and Prayers for a God-Centered Marriage

I will also include if it’s a Bible devotional app for your iPhone and/or your Android. A Valentine’s Day couples retreat can help married partners honor their bond and remind them of why they first fell in love. Valentine’s Day is just one day of the year set aside to focus on and celebrate romantic love. However, couples can celebrate their love every day by cherishing each other and offering patience, support, and kindness to one another. This sweet and simple craft uses Perler beads to make a lovely romantic design. You could have one person from each couple make one part of the craft.

Communicating the truths of Scripture and the person of Jesus Christ in an accurate, clear and practical manner. Together we will tackle life’s issues, explore new segments, and identify those „defective rails” that can trip us up. By stressing the rails, we will become firmly fastened to God’s word – no matter the weather. In addition to your newsletter, you will receive email updates, timely articles, and special offers from Their goal is to equip you in putting your faith in action and show the love of Jesus to the world.

Marriage Devotionals For the Couple Struggling With Intimacy

But what are the keys to consistently giving and receiving love? How are love and romance best experienced and expressed in the midst of life’s ever changing pressures and emotions? The Love Dare Day by Day is a one-year devotional designed to challenge husbands and wives to understand and practice unconditional love. We enjoyed this devotional so much that we read it every day instead of every week. We also bought 7 copies and shared with family and friends. This is not your typical devotional with weak ‘fillers’ to stretch out the book.

To help you become more intimate with your spouse, it contains marital encouragements, reminders, and inspiring steps to boost your faith in each other. The Love Dare Day by Day Devotional is a one-year Devotional that encourages Couples to renew their love and Romantic hopes daily. Deeply rooted in scriptural truths, the Devotional offers a gospel-filled story when meditated on and applied purposefully.