Nagito refuses to back down, with the most genuine smirk Chiaki’s ever seen, from him or otherwise. He reaches out, ruffles Hajime’s hair like a dog, or young child, and the indignant look on his face – calm before the storm – makes Chiaki snort laugh and turn back to her game. Chiaki’s head rests on his other shoulder, as she had been prone to doing since learning how much comfort and hope her presence provided – no, gave him, specifically.

It was revealed that throughout the school year, Chiaki planned game tournaments, picnics, and more on nearly a daily basis. This way, she supported each of her classmates. Chisa praised Chiaki for her hard work and dependability, although Chiaki responded with modesty, saying that she didn’t work particularly hard. This room isn’t really an exhibit, it’s just an arcade where we can play games.

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You can even have my second burger if you really want.” She offered like it made her a saint. With the instruments on the truck and the students seated on the bus, the Monobears made their way back to Hope’s Peak. Hope’s Peak wasn’t the smallest of small towns but then again, everyone did know almost everybody. “Please welcome the drum majors from today’s performing bands!

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Moments later, though, she reveals that she was just naming the plots of one of her video games. Gundham exaggerates his upbringing similarly during the franchise, embellishing being 'poisoned’ upon a daily basis and being the offspring of an angel and a demon. In Japanese, Chiaki is voiced by Kana Hanazawa whom producer Yoshinori Terasawa felt was a good fit. In English, Chiaki is voiced by Christine Marie Cabanos.

Nagito claims that of course he’s having fun and then talks about everyone’s hopes, with Chiaki saying that’s fine, though her face appears a bit sad and disappointed seemingly because of him still talking like that. Chiaki admits that she still doesn’t really understand him after all the years together, but she says that she knows hope is really important to him. Nagito explains to her that everyone wants hope, not just him, but he just thinks about it more than others. Nagito admits that he’s a bit disappointed that nothing big happened to make hope stronger, but Chiaki thinks it’s a good thing and that everyone can spend time together happily in the future. During her time at Hope’s Peak Academy, Chiaki grows quite close to her teacher, Chisa Yukizome. She is shown to have a big influence on Chiaki, who later learns to share many of Chisa’s beliefs.

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Kinda bad, since there was a huge potential here where is my NWP plot Kodaka… DR3 in general was a mess but they really dropped the ball with Nanami. Her being an actual student could have been a really cool concept, and honestly, if I were to rewrite the whole thing, I’d make her more…morally complex?

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Chiaki was created by writer Kazutaka Kodaka as the game’s heroine, with her traits being based on those of „the ideal woman.” She is voiced by Kana Hanazawa in Japanese and Christine Marie Cabanos in English. The parallels between Chiaki and her human counterpart in the anime series also earned a mixed to positive response. In Ultimate Talent Development Plan, Chiaki is described as a person who would always invite Nagito to the group activities, with even Nagito understanding this despite his constant self-deprecation. When the graduation gets closer, Chiaki shows consideration towards him as she sees him alone in the corner and goes to ask him if he’s having fun.

It’s like playing an FPS where you can only be a girl, and the game ends with a love dovey, girly ending.” „I make sure to choose competitive puzzle games or shooting games that we can all play together. Well, if I had any friends, that is.” „I’m…the same as Hajime. I don’t want to doubt any of my friends… But still…the truth is one of us murdered two of our friends… That’s why…we gotta stick with this until the very end. So we can finally break these chains of despair.” Although he is unaware of it, Nagito tries to save Chiaki by having her unintentionally murder him and get the other students killed. However, this fails when Chiaki revealed herself as the traitor among the students. When Chiaki was about to be executed, she had no ill will towards Nagito, believing that the difficult circumstances were the reason for his extreme behavior.

Nanami is actually revealed to be an AI created by Alter Ego to be a mole for the Future Foundation. For example, I know how babies are made, but I don’t really know how to fall in love with someone. There are a lot of things I still don’t understand. After spending time with you, I realized something for the first time. All the flags in the story would’ve been lowered, and the affection meter would’ve drastically decreased.

Because Chiaki was his alibi, knowing he did not enter the lodge, he was exonerated from murder suspicion. Chiaki also played an important role along with Gundham Tanaka, discovering a space under the lodge which the culprit had used as a spot to commit the murder. Inside the Neo World Program, Chiaki is seen playing Gala Omega when she meets Hajime. She introduced herself as the Ultimate Gamer and says that it was nice to meet Hajime, then she gave a polite bow. Hajime introduced himself, saying that it was nice to meet her as well. She was created by Chihiro Fujisaki and considers him her father.

She leans back on the bench, looks at the sky. It’s bright, brighter than it was the day before. She feels like she would after she’s cried, like a rush of lactic acid entering back into her veins after a cramp. “Nanami-san-” She turns her head to fix him with dreamy eyes. The song filtering from the TV plays a final chord, and Chiaki’s voice fades into a yawn. Leaving the muted static screen on, she pads across the floor of the cottage to the bed where they both lie, awake and calm.

But crying to the point of catharsis, to achieve that goal, seemed unimaginably selfish for someone who could barely fathom their own space as a human being taken up by a soul they deemed lower than dirt. He’s always happy to see them both together whenever he gets back. Somehow none of them can mind the lack of alone time all that much.