SPENSER are rented to safeguard it gay/ladies’ legal rights writer, lecturer, and you can activist, however, she is kidnapped

Turner, Bradley. Assumes the name out-of Perry Alderson immediately following Alderson disappears away from his vessel inside the Eire, Pennsylvania. Jordan Richmond’s paramour, anti-government, and you will direct out of History Pledge, an agent team to own terrorism. Occasionally

Ty-Bop. Tony Marcus’ „player.” One of the better SPENSER possess previously seen. Hundred-dollar Baby, Rough-weather, The fresh new Top-notch, mentioned in the Sixkill.

You [ ]

Utley, Patricia. A leading classification Nyc madam who helps SPENSER regarding big date in order to big date. Linda Rabb and you can ing a sea Horse, Playmates, Brief Vices, Hundred dollar Baby.

V [ ]

Valdez, Eric. The journalist murdered when you find yourself doing a narrative toward cocaine procedure inside the Wheaton. Mass. Pale Leaders and you may Princes.

Van Meer. Previous Airborne Brigade representative toward Royal Dutch Armed forces. Served with an enthusiastic Israeli commando device, after that already been an exclusive safety institution that have Joost. These people were this new assassins rented to eliminate SPENSER, however, had been murdered from the him just after SPENSER was informed of the Pearl II which they was in fact covering up in the workplace. Painted Ladies’.

Visco, Joey. Put a keen eraser in the Betty, a beneficial girl during the SPENSER’s category at school when SPENSER was young. Chasing the fresh new Incur.

W [ ]

Wallace, Rachel. She gets SPENSER’s buddy and member, notwithstanding their variations. He’s a long mutually of good use relationships. Finding Rachel Wallace, A Catskill Eagle, Stardust, Abrupt Mischief.

Woodcock, Dwayne. To the baseball party from the Taft School. Section razor from the meanest out of ghettos, usually do not realize or write and you may unprepared for future years. Playmates, mentioned inside the Occasionally.

Wu, Lonnie. Port Area dai low („elder-brother” indeed group coordinator) into Kwan Chang tong, hiring and you may organizing high school students and you will helping due to the fact liaison between them and the brand new tong. And Port Urban area bistro proprietor and you may partner regarding Rikki Wu. Receive inactive into coastline. Strolling Shade.

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Y [ ]

Yang, Luis. AKA Animal and you can Queen of your own Stones. Sis out of Boston group commander Jose Yang. They are the latest brutish „leader” and you will supply of pills and firearms towards „losers” for the Dowling which hand out at „The latest Stones.” University days.

Z [ ]

Zabriskie, Jillian. AKA Jill Joyce.Tv superstar to the an effective a profitable a week pyschodrama. SPENSER is hired to protect their particular and get their stalker. Stardust.

Total profile number [ ]

Discover nearly 1150 personal letters [about Godwulf Manuscript owing to Sixkill], regardless of if some aliases and unnamed individuals improve count unsound. As well as this type of there are:

  • In the Potshot, This new Dell team which have 40 players
  • Within the Double Deuce, this new gangs – The Hobarts, This new Crockettes, The fresh Silks, The newest Dillard Path Posse. Assuming 10 characters in the for every single gang to make a maximum of forty.
  • Inside the Possibility, there are 2 Russians after SPENSER in addition to Russian mob is actually looking to take over new Boston territory. A total of twelve is believed.
  • For the Cool Service new wife as well as 2 pupils out of Luther Gillespie who had been murdered commonly entitled, nor 's the tavern proprietor whose lips are slash.

Bradshaw, Heidi. (AKA Heidi Washburn, Heidi Van Meer) nee Hilda Gretsky. She employs SPENSER to be their own „insecurity” guard towards the relationships away from their own child, Adelaide Van Meer. Rough-weather.

Dell, The. 40 members of a spiritual company direct by the Preacher exactly who collects shelter funds from people during the Potshot.

Giacomin, Paul. Troubled 15 yr old during the early Autumn. Disinterested when you look at the everything you but SPENSER transforms him as much as, in which he works out being SPENSER’s „adopted” child and you can effective performer and choreographer. Very early Fall, Service, The newest Expanding Gyre, Valediction, Stardust, Hobby, Short Vices, Right back Story, said during the Rough weather.

Jessup, Tarone. The guy manages Tony Marcus is why team while he try offering time it is later murdered. Options.

Pearl the sweetness Puppy. Susan Silverman’s and SPENSER’s German Shorthaired Pointer and you may common „child.” She basic looks inside the Interest which will be using them in most then instructions as much as Widow’s Stroll. Mr. Parker can be select on the rear from their novels that have their Italian language Shorthaired Tip(s).

Rugar, The fresh Gray Man. AKA Gran McKean plus the Kodiak Child. Israeli federal born in the usa. Elite strike people; high priced and you can personal. Even the really risky man on the whole show. The guy lay about three bullets into the SPENSER for the Short Habits, and took him off action to have a year. not, he respects SPENSER and it has helped him, and you can from time to time the federal government. Short Vices, Cool Services, Rough-weather, Occasionally.

Tripp, Loudon. He hires SPENSER to discover the murderer away from his wife Olivia. His inspections jump. Their portfolio are blank. Paper Doll.