Moses treasured their family relations a little openly and even helplessly

As the facts away from Holden Caulfield regarding Catcher within the the brand new Rye, Herzog possess various points you to suggest so you can their autobiographical construction

Most other signs hot kazakh girl of existential drama such as for example irrational anxiety and stress may be seen that have Holden. As he proposes to Sally Hayes, which he does not have any one legitimate thinking to have, he acknowledges he seems as if he usually needs to be in action; usually, he fears you to definitely things crappy will come. Yet not, he knows that his measures do not have one rational objectives. That it concern that’s for the reason that the fresh existential fear he knowledge, is additionally found as he feels cooler on the park. He anxieties he gets the pneumonia, in which he is going to die: “We kept worrying that i are providing pneumonia, with all those individuals hunks away from freeze during my tresses, and that i was going to die”(Brand new Catcher on the Rye, 1951, 201).

Herzog was first authored into the 1964, a few days following the publication regarding J.D. Salinger’s This new Catcher regarding the Rye (1951), and it also reflects the brand new mental heart of your own post combat The united states as well as the details and attitude of their author. The smoothness Herzog, like the author of the publication, Saul Bellow, lived in Canada, emerged out of a good Jewish records, had several marriages, in fact it is a cerebral who has got problems with brand new size people that has started to live automatically without any spiritual philosophy. So it spiritual machine could easily be inferred from the various emails the profile Herzog produces to various some one on unique plus their behavioral ideas on the specific occurrences that he goes through.

Herzog is an experienced professor, just who comes from a very religious records you to thinking religion and you can loved ones. Although not, despite his religious record and his awesome archaic front side you to dignifies public relationships, Herzog is no longer in a position to place religion and family members from inside the the fresh new center away from his lifestyle. Within the a letter the guy produces so you can Goodness according to him: “Just how my mind possess struggled and work out coherent experience, I have not been too good at the it” (Herzog, 1964, 325, italics fresh). His Jewish provider is an important motif from the book and you may will bring essential clues for the interior conflicts they have. He frequently considers his earlier and his awesome members of the family as the good solution to getting away from the fresh despair that border your. That it paradoxical facet of Herzog’s psyche could well be depicted with the help of our sentences:

His cousin Willy, their aunt Helen, possibly the cousins. It was childish away from your; the guy know you to. He could only vision at himself, the guy are so undeveloped on that tall side of his character. The guy sometimes tried to imagine, inside the individual vocabulary, whether this is certainly his archaic element, primitive. Tribal, you know. Of this ancestor praise and you may totemism (Herzog, 1964, 78).

The current community one surrenders him is actually slammed to the following the terminology to possess disregarding the individual and you may adopting a materialistic view of lifestyle.

No matter if Moses Herzog’s archaic soul you to beliefs household members, love, psychological dependency, passions are said from time to time in the book, he is no more capable go after which heart in the a business where relations have more crucial opinions than just spiritual

In the a neighbor hood. During the a century. Inside the transition. When you look at the a bulk. Turned of the science. Around organised energy. At the mercy of immense regulation. In a condition triggered mechanical. Pursuing the late incapacity regarding significant expectations. During the a people which had been zero area and devalued the individual. As a consequence of new multiplied electricity off numbers hence produced notice negligible (Herzog, 1964, 200).