That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you, just that she probably doesn’t trust you at this point

Personally, I feel that you guys should stop playing games with each other. Each time you’ve done that in the past, you’ve made her more and more unsure of you and getting back together because the trust keeps getting broken. This could be why she’s particularly hot and cold towards you this time around.

If you do want her back, I suggest having an honest and open conversation with her about this and convince her (with your actions) that you’re willing to do what it takes to win her back.

I am 17. My ex and i were together for more than 18 months. But i made the biggest mistake in my life by cheating on him. I made out with my former ex while i was drunk. I broke his heart and i am ashamed of myself. I really want him back as i love him more than anything.Do i even deserve another chance? And can things come back to normal even if we get back?Will he be loyal to me again?

People make mistakes from time to time, I’m not saying that what you did was justifiable but it has happened. From here on out, you deserving a second chance is entirely up to you and how you are able to convince him that you’re sorry and get him to forgive you.

Unfortunately, if he still insists on not coming back or refusing to talk to you, you’re left with only two options: continue no contact for a prolonged period or walk away.

At least on your end, if you’re really in love with her, you have to stop flirting around and if you know you’re going to get bored again some time into the relationship, you shouldn’t go back into it

I’m 17 and I betrayed my boyfriend I didn’t sleep with anyone or anything physical when it Came to me cheating, but I was very flirtatious and met one guy at a park nothing happened but he was very upset. Despite my actions he gave me chances after he found out what I did and then I would also lie. Now we have broke up and he put me in the friend zone but from questioning him I could tell there is hope he just wants to get the trust back and be able to know I’m only for him. For the last few days I’ve bddn showing I want this but last night we got into a heated argument and he left. In the argument I was being selfish and pretended like nothing happen that he should treat me the same. I thought pretending would be a way of getting us back, I failed and I want to work on this and get him back. Please help me.

Do follow the 5 step plan and more importantly, be honest with both yourself and him if you decide you still want him back after following all the steps.

I would let my exes and olds flings flirt with me and disrespect my relationship even though they knew about my boyfriend, now he is 18 and I know we young but we planned a future everyday he reassured that we would reach it

Hope you’re well! I just purchased your book sounds like an awesome article that will help me make the right move in the future. I was in a healthy and full of love relationship with my bestfriend. (Gay relationship) we were together for almost 5 years. 6 months ago he found out i cheated and slept with random guys over a hook up app. We had a massive argument and almost broke up but decided to work it through. We both have cheated in the past but always seem to work it out. Last week he caught me again on the App and now it’s real. We broke up and i moved out right on that day. He still says things like “i will always love you and this is the hardest thing ever even if i was badly betrayed i am thankful i met you” or “i miss you too but i can’t be with you” this is after few days of being seeking professional help and i have finally decided what i have been doing is because i was selfish. I needed something to boost my esteem and it was cheating that led me into getting the attention. We work in the same hotel but don’t see each other much. We have a dog together, a car, properties etc. i am loosing navigera till dessa killar hope each day however i read your article and somehow gave me relief. In all honesty, do you think there’s a slight chance we can work things out and get back together even if i have cheated numerous times? My friends and his family all hate me and i have no support other than my family now. I am very serious about this change as i really do not want to lose him in my life at all. I am considering booking a psychologist or a counselling together (even if were not talking or together) do u think this is a good idea? Please help!