2. How much information is too much information?

The Man section explores, etiquette, dating, how to’s, and the female perspective of how today’s gentleman acts, thinks, and feels.

After a few years of uncertainty, the verdict is in: dating apps are here to stay. Single millennials around the globe have officially transitioned from deciding whether to use a dating app to deciding which dating app to use. Tinder, Bumble or Hinge? Perhaps even the new and upcoming Happn? One is apparently no longer enough. What Tinder started, others have tried to finish, adding different features, gimmicks, and angles, trying to find the perfect combination of swiping, pictures, and information to get everyone on board.

A traditional topic of discussion amongst men has started to take on a different dynamic as of late, all because of these platforms. The question has always been, “How do I best position myself to attract the people I find attractive?” This is commonplace in everyday life. But in real life, you get to show off your sense of style and your personality more effectively than in a finite set of photographs and a couple of sentences. What if you don’t take good pictures!? You swear you’re good looking, but the kissbrides.com paina sivustoa camera just doesn’t love you. You’re Bradley Cooper in person, but Pauly Shore on Tinder.

In an attempt to ic, we’ve gone through the basic elements of the apps and performed a little experiment. Let’s see if we can get a few girls to truthfully answer the questions that go through a gent’s head when setting up his profile.

Enter Jess – the WIAG web designer and guru of all things concerning our female counterparts. She graciously accepted a few bottles of wine for her and her friends in exchange for some candid responses to our questions on navigating the world of dating apps. *In Law & Order tone* These are their stories:

1. Are emoji’s too girly?

Depends on the amount of Emojis and which ones. Over three is too many. Don’t replace too many words with Emojis. Punny Emojis or something witty is good. Don’t use the eggplant/peach combo or the finger into “OK” sign. Can use as representation of things you like, like runner + pizza slice + musical instrument.

Use complete sentences. Don’t just put what f***ing cities you’ve lived in. “NY >> SF >> LA >> AZ what up >> back to SF.” Blah – f*** off. Say something witty. Even if you are being sarcastic, it’s going to come off as you being an a**hole.

3. We should put our height in there right?

It depends on the girl. If you’re really tall, then it doesn’t matter. If you’re really short and worried about dating a girl taller than you, then yes, put it in there. But it’s not the most important thing. If you put it, it should be the last thing-don’t lead with your height. That should not be your most redeeming quality.

4. Do you want a story or simple facts?

Goes with using complete sentences. Tell your elevator pitch in 2 sentences, but not your life bio. Needs to actually tell us something about you, not just where you live and where you work.

5. Are lame taglines actually a good thing?

Make it funny, and a quote from a great show or movie. It can help be a good conversation starter. Don’t do anything super obscure and pretentious, or anything sexual.

6. How much does this section actually matter?

If we’re borderline and you have a great bio, it can push us to swipe right. But if you’re super cute and have a creepy bio, it’ll make us change our mind.