I was thankful for the gay guys who had no interest in me whatsoever

The fact that people glanced at me and whispered did not make my stomach feel much better. With no lunch, I was worried I would be choking on air when I threw up.

I sunk in my seat and begged for this day to end. There was nothing I wanted more than to be at home in my warm bed.

The guy in front of me twisted his body around in his seat to face me. “You must be the new girl. I’m Tom.”

“I’m Amelia, and I’m not new.” I crossed my arms over my chest and gave him a look. “The fact that you have never noticed me before this look is the very reason I cannot date you. It hurts a girl’s feelings when you don’t see her without makeup.” I pouted.

The back of his neck and his face heated up as he tried to cover the obvious boner in his pants. Thankfully, for women, we did not have to worry about getting those during class. Men were cursed in that department, and a beautiful curse it was for men such as Tom.

As the class ended, I packed up my stuff and moved onto the next. It was not quite a Tom situation but the guy was close to coming to such a situation. It was ridiculous how many high school boys would hit on a girl who showed her face.

After my last class ended, Kayleigh slammed into me as I stood in front of my locker. She knocked us both to the ground before jumping up. “Sorry, sorry. Everyone is talking about a new girl and I was trying to figure out what they meant.” She grabbed my hand and helped me back up.

“It’s me. They assume I’m a new girl because I’m showing my face with makeup. It’s shocking how blind people are. Are you sure I’m not someone else?” I opened my locker and grabbed what I needed.

Kayleigh shrugged. “You’re not. Trust me. People just have a hard time adjusting when someone who’s never worn makeup suddenly does. You also have to realize that I see you every day. I know what you look like. I memorize your facial structure. I can easily tell it’s you. They don’t memorize your face.”

This kind of attention was too much for me and it was raising my anxiety levels

I shook my head and sighed to myself as I threw one strap over my shoulder. I stopped moving when a boy stepped in front of me, leaning against the lockers. “You’re the new girl?”

These people never pay attention to your face unless you show it or make yourself known, and that is why they don’t know who you are

“Oh my gosh. Give me a damn break. I am not new. I have been coming to this school since I started the ninth grade and I’m just as old as the rest of you seniors. I wore makeup for once and that is it. It wasn’t my idea.” I crossed my arms.

He leaned in closer, way too close for my liking. His breath smelled of hot dogs. “I think whoever’s idea it was, they are very genius.”

I put my hand against his face, pushing him view it now back. “Personal space is a lovely thing. I have to get home.”

“I work for the Playboy Mansion and I wanted to tell you that you would be a great model for our work,” he said with a smile.