Hi All, This is Kelbellys H with my point of view as the CS

Did I “affair down”? Absolutely I did. Why?? Good question…. I would have to say it had a lot to do with the previously stated, the things she said were a huge boost for my ego…. I never actually met with the OW but we talked online a lot and on the phone a few times. I was unhappy with my life and my surroundings and I took it out on my family constantly and when I talked to her she told me all the right things and I just ate it up. Seeing as how I had never met her it didn’t matter what she looked like really, I could tell her she was pretty or whatever else I needed to to get her to tell me the things I needed to hear to make me feel better. Do I think I was being selfish? Looking back at it, you’re damn right I was… and I regret what I’ve done every single day.

I actually did more around the house then she did

Thankyou kelbellys h, it’s enlightening to hear another cs seeing the ea for what it really was. I’m so glad you woke up in time and helped save your marriage.

My h chose a woman that was over 6 feet tall and huge all the way around. High maintenance, and ugly. My h is 5’8? and works out all the time. The OW had a Facebook and I showed her pic to all my friends and we has a good laugh about it. Then one day her Facebook was gone. I asked my h and later (confrontation) the OW why she didn’t have a Facebook anymore and she said my h convinces her it was a useless waste of time an unprofessional. Hah. I think my h was embarrassed when I showed people. Makes me smile to this day. He said he was attracted to her outgoing personality. Duh. I asked him of he bed told her that it was her personality. Lol. You know like the old line ” you have such a pretty face, if you just lost weight you would be a knockout”. Lol. While the affair was happening I made fun of her at every opportunity and it really made my h angry which was half the fun. Sometimes , it’s been over a year from dday, I still get in a art wisecrack and he gets furious. Lol. Still can’t figure it out. They looked like Mutt and Jeff. And she fed his ego daily. Even told him tht she didn’t know how he could be attracted to her bwcause he is ao good looking, in shape etc…. Put herself down while building up his ego so he really felt like a knight in shining armour

By the way. I’m 5’2?. She was over 6 feet. I have since lost a lot of weight but standing next to her, I was always petite. Lol

I was always the devoted husband and father

..honest, open loving, affectionate and completely dedicated. I was always there for her and our children… emotionally Г© o site dream singles legit and physically. I was a very good provider…great career that allowed me to achieve a good work/life balance. I always set aside time for us. I am told I am handsome and I am very physically fit and always made it a point to look good for her. I look much younger then my actual age.

Unlike some husbands, I always helped clean the house, did laundry, grocery shop, dishes, helped our kids with their homework…etc. I drove used cars so she could drive the new ones. She only wanted to work part time…that was fine with me. Her money was her money…my money paid for all of the household and living expenses as well as some of her bills. In short…I worshiped her…gave her everything I had.