Decreased Energy Level A. The client reported feeling a very low level of energy. It was evident within the session that the client has low levels of energy as demonstrated by slowness of walking, minimal movement, lack of animation, and slow responses. The client’s energy level has increased as the depression has lifted.

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Both partners have indicated that separation or divorce is a distinct possibility due to their disillusionment with the relationship. The partners have begun to identify other solutions to the relationship problems instead of separation or divorce. The partners have indicated that the idea of separation or divorce has become less likely.

Promote Intimacy through Sharing Feelings A. The partners were asked to share their feelings regarding issues about which they would like to be closer. The partners were provided with a list of emotion words to assist in sharing their feelings. The partners were cued into the subtleties of how words can express feelings. The partners were reinforced for their open expression of their feelings and clear communication to each other.

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Teach Sensate Focus A. The partners were taught about the use of sensate focus techniques. “Journaling in Response to Non-Demand Sexual Pleasuring ” from the Adult Psychotherapy Homework Planner, 2nd ed. The partners were reinforced for their clear understanding of the use of sensate focus. The partners have used the sensate focus techniques to improve the giving and receiving of sensual pleasure, and the benefits of this were reviewed. Process Emotions Related to Physically Intimate Contact A. The partners were assessed for their emotions related to the increase in physically intimate contact. The partners’ emotions related to an increase in physically intimate contact were reviewed and discussed.

The partners were asked to share their indulgence in sexual fantasizing. The partners were asked to share their beliefs about sexual fantasizing. “Journal of Sexual Thoughts, Fantasies, and Conflicts” from the Adult Psychotherapy Homework Planner, 2nd ed.

The with alcohol abuse problems was assisted in identifying healthier ways to get satisfaction of needs. The partner with substance abuse problems verbalized increased understanding of how to get good things out of life without using mood-altering substances. Examples of constructive behavioral alternatives were provided, including medication, sleep induction techniques, exercise, relaxation procedures, or talking with friends. D. The partners were taught the think phase, taking responsibility for ways in which one is making the conflict worse and planning how to respond in a mindful, nonescalating manner. The partners were reinforced for their understanding of the “Pause, Calm, and Think” technique.

The partners experience a cycle of blaming, frustration, and termination of communication, which leads to more blaming. As the partners have progressed in treatment, the blamed partner is more assertive and responds with healthy communication rather than with helplessness and frustration. TheraScribe®, the #1 selling treatment planning and clinical record-keeping software system ® for mental health professionals. I have to move out by April and I’m not sure what options I have, I DoorDash and sell items on Facebook marketplace as my current means of income but obviously that’s not sustainable. I do have an interview today (3/7/23) for a waitressing position, so hopefully that helps a bit. My parents cannot afford to support me in any way, and already work 14+ hours a day running their own business.

Each partner was focused onto their sense of hope and vision for the future. The partners were identified as being unlikely to divorce at this time, and this was reflected to them. The partners were identified to be at significant risk for divorce, and this was reflected to them. Active listening was used as the clients identified a variety of elements of the current relationship that are problems within the relationship. C. The partners were assisted in identifying the behavioral, cognitive, and affective cues for being at a moderate level of anger (31–50 on a 1–100 scale). D. The partners were reinforced for their open sharing of their own, and understanding of each other’s, feelings.

Cognitive Distress over the Relationship One partner has identified cognitive distress regarding the current state of the relationship. Both partners have identified cognitive distress regarding the current state of the relationship. The cognitive distress is displayed through a pattern of blaming and a lack of concentration.

What Does It Mean To Be “Equally Yoked?”

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IPV was identified as the riskiest, most out-of-control option on the continuum of how to resolve problems. Conjoint and individual sessions were recommended to help the couple best keep conflicts from escalating to dangerous levels. Examples were provided to help the partners to understand the use of anger as a natural signal. The partners were reinforced for displaying an increased understanding of the appropriate place for anger. Additional information was provided as the partners failed to grasp the appropriate place for anger as a natural signal.

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