That really broke him because I was his first real relationship

I am currently just trying to give him space(been 3days now) but I don’t intend to reach out anymore, because I feel pushed away But I miss and love him so much and I know he loves me too

So my boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years. When I initially met him, my then friend, who introduced us told him I was single but I wasn’t exactly single, I had just come out of a relationship and was trying to work things out. I decided to go with the flow that I was single and didn’t have any baggage. 6 months down the line he finds out I lied and that me and my ex had been hanging out. From then on, he started to change gradually, was giving girls more audience and didn’t trust me anymore. So basically he started cheating, then I would cheat, then he would cheat, but we have always loved each other very much but not knowing how to fix the trust. It’s been 7 years now and we are still going back and forth, he’s constantly reminding me of everything I’ve done to hurt him, he has the hardest time letting things go and says that he cannot be with me because I’ve never respected him like he’s my man but I do my best and go out of my way to try to make him feel at his best but it seems to not suffice. Now he’s currently talking to a new girl and I am at the point where I’m ready to stop playing games and just want to fix everything and forgive him, hoping he’ll do the same but he’s saying it’s too late and just wants to be friends, I want more but I don’t know how to go about it, nothing I say or do seems to work, I have been trying to convince him for a whole year now. Do I keep trying or just give up? Is there anything I can do to get him back?

Under these circumstances and given the amount of damage that has been done to both parties over the years, it might be a better idea as you’ve mentioned to give each other some space while you focus on learning how to love yourself and respect your own needs first. Give it some time, before reaching out again, and this time around, start things slow while communicating effectively to rebuild that trust for each other.

Hi I cheated on my ex last summer. And I asked for another chance like months later but he had a girlfriend. Eventually they broke up. During the school year while we weren’t together we made out a lot. The after graduating from high school this year, he had another girlfriend. He invited me over his house to hang out and to you know mess around and make out again, and I went. But we didn’t talk a week after that. Even though it’s been a whole year , I still want him back. Do I have a Chance sense he made out with me after having a girlfriend

We tried to fix the relationship but we always just go back and forth from one third party to another

It’s best not to get your hopes up when your ex reverts to you for intimacy but is cheating on his girlfriend in the process, because there could be a variety of reasons for turning to you. It’s best right now to perhaps wait for the relationship with his girlfriend to end, before reaching out and having an honest conversation with him about your feelings, rather than forcing your way into the relationship to win him back.