I feel not of being any worth in the relationship

I feel not of being any worth in the relationship I am 26 and my boyfriend is 21. Also we are living in other countries apart but I visited him on his call and we were happy together but he is suddenly changed which he does not admit but he is not the same person anymore. He says that he is always busy and pays little attention to me and I have to fight him every other day. He never shouts at me just listens to me but also does the same things. He neither asks to seperate nor he agrees for breakup but also not being the same person as before. Last time, I asked him either to block me from everywhere or make all things right as before. He denied to block and also showing no love or care that bothers me. I said nothing and not texted him again but I also not heard back from him from 3 weeks. He is active on social media and seems happy and m not using any social media and also stopped stalking him . I know its always in his mind that I am the one who is supposed to text first but I am thinking if I would do, again I https://kissbrides.com/es/mujeres-argentinas-calientes/ have to face that ignorance and stress because I am so much in to him.What should I expect. […]