Top 10 advice for healthy, long-lasting relationships

Top 10 advice for healthy, long-lasting relationships If you find yourself in need of some timely advice and reminders on relationships, here are 10 wise and practical tips to build strong, healthy relationships with your loved one Relationships are some of the most complex things we face as human beings. Which actually makes complete sense since it involves two separate, different people with varying beliefs, thoughts and backgrounds. It takes real work to maintain our relationships, many of us do it willingly because more often than not, these connections make an ineffable value and fulfilment to our life Jordanian seksikГ¤s tГ¤ydellinen tyttГ¶. That being said, although we may understand that maintaining relationships require effort, many of us get busy with life and may lose our way, or even just get stuck in a rut. Over the last year, we’ve spoken to many professionals on relationship advice as well as researched online and here is what we have found to be the key themes to maintaining a healthy, balanced relationship. All situations and relationships are completely unique and different, so there is no one size fits all and manual to ‘life’, these are just the commons pointers and discussion points that come up regularly. The number 1 classic advice for relationships is effective communication. Many of us assume our partners know exactly what we want and what we like, especially for those who are in a long-term relationship. Well, the truth is, none of us can read minds. Proactively sharing our thoughts, opinions and feelings to our partners instead of expecting them to predict what we want, is one of the key ways to maintain a healthy, balanced relationship. Top 10 advice for healthy, long-lasting relationships Clinical psychologist, Shelley Sommerfeldt, explains that communication is essential in relationships because it builds trust and connection. In order for both parties to feel heard and understood, couples need to first create an environment that is safe, supportive, accepting, and loving so that both sides can really open up and be vulnerable in front of the other. […]