Here’s Why Some People Can’t Let Their Side Chick (Or Guy) Go

Here’s Why Some People Can’t Let Their Side Chick (Or Guy) Go I’m gonna be really real with y’all. Back when I wrote the piece for the site entitled, „Women Cheat More Than We Think. What To Do If That’s You.”, I did a whole lot of „SMDH” as I read the comments on our socials. If there is one area where there seems to be a HUGE double standard, it’s when it comes to cheating. Guys do it and, to oh so many women, instantly they are dogs who are totally undeserving of forgiveness. Oh, but let us do the same thing and suddenly it’s all jokey jokes or worse-all sorts of justifications. If you truly believe that unfaithfulness is dead ass wrong, as folks say all of the time, „keep that same energy”, regardless of which gender is doing it. For real, for real. But that’s not exactly what I want to get into today. As I was doing some of my usual perusing on Twitter, I saw a video that made me chuckle at first (lionesses ain’t no joke) and then really pause and reflect. I’ll let you check it out too: Whew. Nature is something, ain’t it? And yes, based on the caption, side chick/side guy relationships are complicated, intense and, if you’re not super careful, they can even turn violent. And still, it’s been reported that 20 percent of men and 13 percent of women have fessed up to having sex with someone other than their spouse over the course of their marriage; sometimes that „someone” is an individual that they’ve been with for years. […]